Mary Jane Doherty (Director, Co-Producer, Camera, Editor)

Mary Jane has been an Associate Professor of Film at Boston University since 1990. Proud of her lineage as a student of iconic documentarian Ricky Leacock, she developed BU’s Narrative Documentary Program: how to make movies that  prioritize the language of cinema over the language of words

Mary Jane has freelanced for Blackside Productions, Harvard Foundation, Northern Light Productions and Vida Health Communications with national and international film credits for her commissioned work as director, editor, cinematographer and sound designer in more than thirty film productions.  Recently, with her two features on the Cuban Ballet System - SECUNDARIA and PRIMARIA, Mary Jane moves into the spotlight as a filmmaker in her own right.

Watch Mary Jane’s 60 second lecture from Boston University’s 2013 Annual Report. 

And check out PRIMARIA Mary Jane’s second feature about Cuban Ballet.  

In 2017, Mary Jane’s MIT Thesis film GRAVITY, became relevant 32 years after its making.  Here’s why.

In 2017 Mary Jane was awarded the 10K Inaugural City of Boston Artist Fellowship for filmmaking.


Lyda Kuth  (Co-Producer)

Lyda is founding board member and executive director of the LEF Foundation, which supports independent filmmakers through the LEF Moving Image Fund. In 2005, she established Nadita Productions and was producer/director on her first feature documentary, “Love and Other Anxieties.” Mary Jane Doherty brought her talents as cinematographer to that film, which premiered at the Camden International Film Festival in October 2011.